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Reduction in relationship management and content creation time versus using spreadsheets and emails


Improvement in content reach and engagement by using Lumanu *SmartBoost*


Returns on media spend as measured by KPIs such as leads and conversions

We are not an influencer network

We believe the only way to create quality content is through authentic relationships. Lumanu makes it easy to build and manage your own network of fans and social creators, ready to create content for any occasion. An added benefit: we automatically vet people in your network for fake followers and suspicious data.

Jamie Labriola
245k 34k
264K 23K
246k 19k
391K 16k
281k 14K
Kelly Rizzo
502k 13k
84k 11k
303k 11k
Drew Westphal
108k 10k
191k 11k
191k 9k
Hallie Wilson
134k 7k
22k 6k
29k 8k

Reach your target audience

Lumanu leverages machine learning to optimally amplify your content to people who are most likely to engage with your brand or buy your products. We maximize brand awareness and conversions while simultaneously minimizing CPM, CPE, and CAC.

👩 76%
👱 22%
🤖 2%
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Authentic content to the right audience at scale

Authentic user-generated-content, when delivered to the right people via the right channels at the right time, inspires consumer behaviors far beyond social metrics. Built by Stanford and MIT engineers and mathematicians, Lumanu is the first platform to take a quantitative approach to driving consumer behavior with user-generated-content.

Lumanu Concierge

Want the best results but don’t have the time or resources to do it yourself? With Lumanu Concierge, our team of campaign strategists and content specialists will handle everything from start to finish.

You get full transparency with our world-class collaborative software platform and a custom-tailored plan to execute on your specific KPIs. The best part: all relationships, content, and audience data produced is yours to keep for future campaigns.

Lumanu Self-Serve

Do you already work with amazing social content creators to deliver authentic content? With Lumanu Self-Serve, we help you take your existing program to the next level by providing best-in-class relationship management, results measurement, and amplification capabilities.

With Lumanu Smart Boost and Retargeting features, you can turn **any** content into evergreen content that will drive brand awareness and conversions forever. White-label access also available.

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