How to guide: how to reach out to micro-influencers

After finding the right influencer, the next step is to reach out to them. Set yourself apart from other products and brands reaching to that influencer by following our four steps and learn how to connect with influencers on a personal level.

How to guide: how to find the right micro-influencers

Part one of our five-part influencer marketing how-to guide. We tell you everything you need to consider when looking for the right influencer so you can get the most out of the influencers with whom you engage

eCommerce marketing: Influencers bring conversions to social ad programs

Learn tips regarding how to utilize word-of-mouth marketing and work with micro-influencers to “strike eCommerce gold.” We also advise the best ways to achieve micro-influence success and how you can work with people to gain an audience.

Influencer marketing for startups is the Ultimate growth hack

Trying to acquire new customers on a lean startup budget is not easy. Fortunately, influencer marketing is a proven process to growth hack your way to early adoption and sustained revenue growth! Learn how to choose influencers for your startup, build relationships, and launch campaigns on a startup budget.

Definitive Guide to Getting Started with Influencer Marketing (How to Build a Program)

Influencer marketing yields high ROI and makes your brand relatable to your target consumers, while costing less money than other forms of marketing. Do you want to launch an influencer program but not sure how to get started? Read our guide to make sure your first influencer marketing campaign is a successful one!

10 Tactics to Use for Influencer Outreach in 2016

The average influencer gets over 20 emails and direct messages a day. Learn the best ways to engage with and impress influencers so they can help you create authentic and compelling content. Once you’ve engaged an influencer on a campaign, it’s important to nurture the relationship for future work! Check out our extra tips to help you get the most out of your influencer relationships.

How to maximize ROI of Influencer Marketing campaigns

Read about the four ways to run a successful influencer marketing campaign and get the most out of your influencers. Learn how to find the right influencer, build and nurture relationships with influencers and track ROI for influencer marketing.

4 Ways Content Curation Tools Improve Content Marketing

Discover the effective forms of content curation and how it can be used to improve content marketing. Take advantage of Lumanu’s free content discover and curation beta platform to drive users to your website and easily find the right content for your audience.

30 content marketing tips for growth hackers, startups, and scrappy content teams

We offer a list of content marketing tips from our own success and lessons learned, observations from multiple content marketing influencers and other tools and resources to ensure you have a successful content marketing experience. Find out what works and what you should do when approaching the content marketing process.

Want to play a game? How Lumanu used gamification to drive 200% increase in inbound marketing leads

Gamification is a unique, fun way to offer employees and users incentives to be active in campaigns and boost enthusiasm. Find out how to set up the game, determine a winner and track the score of the game. We speak from personal experience when we say gamification really works and we recommend brands consider starting an employee advocacy game.